• Our Tea Products

    • Aloha


      $12.50 / 80g

      Honey Red Oolong tea with tropical fruits flavour make you feel passionate and energetic as if you were in Hawaii and could not stop yourself saying "Aloha".

    • Blackcurrant Mate

      Blackcurrant Mate

      $12.50 / 100g

      Mate Tea is made with leaves and stem of wild Paraguay hollies from South America. The Mate Tea is very popular because of its delicious and fresh taste infused with blackcurrant dried fruit. Currently, it is know as the healthiest tea drink.

    • Cleanly


      $12.50 / 90g

      A refreshing flavour of rosemary when paired with cassia seeds and barely tea, this will make you relaxed, comfortable and can settle you down from hectic day.

    • Fragrance


      $15.00 / 75g

      A variety of the scent of flowers and fruits with a minty note remain in the mouth, which makes you feel as if you were in a grassland with the scent of a full of flowers and fruits.

    • Genuine


      $12.50 / 95g

      Selected from Taiwan sencha tea perfect match with rich fruit flavour. Feel like back to chilhood who with naive smiling.

    • Melodius


      $12.50 / 75g

      Varigold flower, rose, oolong tea, apple and neroliis are as if the musical notes that jumped out of musical textbook. When each of these flowers and fruits are used together, an excellent and charming music will get started.

    • Peach & Melon Green Tea

      Peach & Melon Green Tea

      $12.50 / 100g

      A refreshing green tea infused with combination of peach and melon fruit. Thirst quenching during hot day with ice or take it warm during winter.

    • Richsumptuous


      $12.50 / 100g

      Rooibos tea is filled with a strong berry flavour, when it is mixed with Verbena's vanilla flavour, a variety of rich flower and fruit flavour will be formed, which can make you feel an unforgettable lingering in memory.

    • Roman Holiday

      Roman Holiday

      $12.50 / 95g

      With the combination of Rome melon scent in the tea, it makes you feel that you were on a vacation and totally enjoying your daily life. You can feel the scent and sweet of liquorice and carrots after taste.

    • Tropical Paradise

      Tropical Paradise

      $12.50 / 100g

      A balance combination of fruits and flowers give you a sensation as if you were at Paradise.

    • Endurance Herbal Tea

      Endurance Herbal Tea

      $15.00 / Pack of 12x 4g Tea-bags

      With Chinese herbal essences such as ginseng, astragali radix, matrimony vine or "Goji" and dates, this endurance tea is good for overall body function. It helps promote metabolism and strengthen the body when taken on a long term basis.

    • Immuno Herbal Tea

      Immuno Herbal Tea

      $15.00 / Pack of 12x 5g Tea-bags

      Combined with Chinese rhodiola, burdock and other herbal essences, the tea has a soft and smooth taste that soothes the senses. It is good for strengthening body immune system and reducing fatigue when taken on a long term basis.